Will you install in my town?

Our normal range for installation is 1 hours drive from Sheffield or Manchester. However, work may be considered a little further away if extra travel expenses can be arranged.

Unfortunately we cannot at this time offer Installations in Wales, Scotland, Cumbria, North East England, East Anglia, South East, South Coast or the South West.

I have a hot water cylinder / back boiler / water tank in the loft. Does this price include taking out my existing water tank and boiler and fitting the new combi boiler?

If you want a Combi Boiler but still have a Hot Water storage cylinder you will be needing what is known as a System Upgrade.  This will take 2 days and require more materials and increase the overall cost of the installation.

Do I need to upgrade the gas pipe to 22mm?

This is a often confused subject. The Regulations do not ask for a certain size Gas Pipe. The regulations require that the pipe is suitable to deliver adequate “Working pressure” when the appliance is working at full rate.

If a larger pipe runs near to the appliance and then is reduced down before entering the appliance, it could still provide adequate working pressure. Please note, on larger boilers a 28mm pipe may be required to supply the correct pressure.

Do I need a chemical cleanse, magnacleanse or powerflush?

Ok, lets try to keep this short. Yes you have to cleanse the system water of the installation debris but Powerflushing the whole system is not a requirement of the Boiler manufacturers or British Standards, it is simply seen as best practice.”

Studies show that a properly cleansed system will enhance the New Boilers life expectancy and lower Gas bills by a average of £60 per year. Having chatted with Technical help at various Boilers Manufacturers, we would advise you to make this judgement when draining down the system water. If the water is sludgy then spend time cleansing the whole system.

Do I need a magnetic filter?

No, you do not need a Filter BUT this really is the best thing you can possibly do for your New Boiler. We always advise also purchasing a magnetic filter for your heating system. These filters are essential for any Boiler added to a old system. If serviced regularly this trap will protect your new boiler from the old system and all its corrosive debris.

Even a small build-up of iron oxide and non-magnetic deposits in a standard or modern efficiency boiler results in substantial efficiency loss and fuel wastage. So, not only does the system perform inadequately, it also costs more to run and maintain.

What is a condensate pipe?

Modern Condensing Boilers produce a mild Acidic water known as Condensate. Best Practice is for this to be diverted to a Internal waste such as the Kitchen waste pipe. Without access to a internal drain, external drains can be used with added precautions. Alternatively a pump can be installed to pump the condensate away to drain.

What about hard water areas?

If you live in a hard water area, (defined as total hardness greater than 200mg/l), the feed water to your boiler needs to be treated to prevent limescale formation.  New houses in hard water areas should already have some provision for water treatment.

Who is the warranty with?

As long as the boiler was installed correctly and is serviced once a year, the warranty is with the boiler Manufacturers and will cover all parts and labour in the case of a possible future breakdown. We can offer our loyal customers a discount for their Annual service, please contact us to enquire about this.