Top Tips to Keep your Heating System Healthy

  As cooler weather is now upon us and autumn is in full swing, most of us have now switched on our central heating to warm our homes. Autumn and winter are when we rely on our boilers the most and as such, it’s when our boilers work the hardest. Follow our top tips for […]

New Combi Boiler Advice & How much will it cost?

My best advice (part 1!).. Well there is an interesting question, a question that can have a thousand answers. Often though, the answer if given from Joe Bloggs, friend, a family member or work colleague will be based on the very small number of Boiler brands that this individual knows and the pretty limited number […]

Wishing you all a cosy new year and all the best for 2015

Hi guys, Tom here from Hallamshire Energy Services here wishing you all a cosy new year and all the best for 2015. Mostly I just want to say thanks for you (the valued customer) for the business and ongoing support over the last few years. 2014 was a great year for all the HES team, […]